Estimated Tax Payments

Remember the normal due dates for making your quarterly estimated tax payments are April 15th (1st quarter), June 15th (2nd quarter), September 15th (3rd quarter), and January 15th (4th quarter), unless the 15th falls on a weekend or a holiday and the next business day falls on a holiday. Be aware that we cannot estimate your taxes without having data upon which to make those estimates. Be advised we do charge for our time to compute your estimated tax. For those interested in us estimating your tax liability, please complete and submit our Tax Estimation Checklist.

If you need estimated tax payment vouchers, then go to the following link and print off the forms and instructions Notice that you do not need to print off page 12. Pages 10 and 11 contain the Forms 1040-ES Payment Vouchers with which to mail your estimated tax payments in order to receive proper credit. Page 9 has a log on which to record your payments. If you have not already paid us to estimate your current year tax liability for you, page 8 has a worksheet for you to use to estimate your taxable income for the year, and page 7 contains the tax rate schedules by which to compute your estimated tax. Page 5 shows you where to mail your check and Form 1040-ES Payment Voucher.

Finally, go to¬†the IRS’s website to make a federal tax payment through your bank account. Also, our tax software provider has a convenient link to pay your tax through a variety of methods, such as a debit/credit card, outside of the filing process for your tax return, and the processing fee rate is less than the IRS’s Integrated File and Pay rate that is assessed at the time of filing.