“Pay YOURSELF, not the IRS”

This has been the motto of our company since we began in 1991 with a goal of helping home-based businesses claim the biggest business deductions on their tax return.

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Did you know that we specialize, and are probably the foremost expert in the country, in tax preparation for Consultants and Directors of the nation’s leading cosmetic company? Approximately 90% of our clients operate a home-based business, and approximately 90% of those are Independent Beauty Consultants, Sales Directors, Senior Sales Directors, Executive Senior Sales Directors and National to Executive National Sales Directors of this one company. We have created customized tax preparation worksheets and spreadsheets designed specifically for that business and it’s unique operating needs. Let us help you organize your records, and thus, take the stress out of tax season for you this year.

Every year we put out a Client Newsletter to help our clients get the most out of the services we provide. And since we are making so many changes this year, EVERY CLIENT MUST READ THIS YEAR’S 2023 CLIENT LETTER.

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2023 Client Letter
We have developed our very own customized Cosmetics Business Excel Spreadsheet to track your daily activity. This information flows into a master spreadsheet which provides you monthly and annual totals that you simply transfer to our corresponding Cosmetics Business Tax Worksheet.


Did you know that you can track the status of your refund directly from the IRS website?

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