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***** Jeff The Tax Man is currently working on tax return client #400, which we received in our office on 11/24/18. *****

***  Remember we are always accepting new clients, and the IRS does NOT assess penalties when you file past the deadline AND ARE DUE A REFUND, if you have filed an extension. Moreover, the IRS is alerting taxpayers who have not filed their 2015 tax returns that they are in jeopardy of losing any potential refund if they do not file it within 3 years of the filing deadline. So, if you have not filed your 2015 tax return and especially if you think you are due a refund, get us your 2015 tax data ASAP…before you lose the opportunity to claim that money! Likewise for 2016 and 2017 returns. Go to the “Tax Worksheets” page of this website to become a client.  ***

 BIG NEWS! Jeff The Tax Man has developed an Excel spreadsheet onto which you can enter your daily M-K activity and it will flow that information onto a master spreadsheet that generates a total for each category by month, as well as totals for the entire year, which you can then put on our Cosmetics Business tax worksheet. Like our M-K tax workshop video, which is now reduced to $10.00 (see “Speaking Calendar” page), it is available for purchase at this website and delivered to you as a download from a dropbox folder to your email address. Click here for the announcement and purchase order form. Once you use it, give us your feedback.

**  Get an extended version of our nationally famous M-K tax workshop on video for only $19.95 now reduced to $10.00 (plus tax for TX residents) to watch as often as you like. In this video you will learn 1) Jeff The Tax Man’s 1-minute per day record keeping system that empowers Consultants to get to Directorship faster, 2) how your life can make a difference through M-K, 3) how the M-K business is a good tax shelter, which makes this a GREAT recruiting tool, 4) how to maximize the deductions in your cosmetics business, and 5) how you can potentially recapture lost tax dollars by amending prior year tax returns. Click this link to Get the M-K Tax Workshop Video in digital format to watch whenever and wherever you want on any device that plays video. Then give us your feedback.  **

**** Many of you are wondering about the impact of the new tax bill to your personal tax situation. Be aware that the new law does not take effect until 2018. Therefore, its provisions will not impact your 2017 tax return. But be advised that our tax software will include a worksheet detailing the potential impact of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act 2017 to your current (2017) individual tax picture. Watch for it in the packet that contains your copy of your 2017 tax return that we mail to you. Attached is a summary of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act 2017 that was prepared by the professional association of which I am a member. See the News and Alerts page for my impressions of the bill. ****


*** ALERT!!!  New tax scam using fake tax refunds.  See the “News and Alerts” page for details. ***

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Our motto is “Pay YOURSELF, not the IRS”

We specialize in preparing income tax returns for independent beauty consultants, Directors, Senior Directors, Executive Senior Directors, and National Sales Directors of a particular global cosmetics company. At last count, we have over 100 clients who are Directors and above, and that number is growing every year. In fact, over 90% of our clients have a home-based business and over 90% of those operate a cosmetics business. (These are not your normal, simple tax returns, and our business is not your typical storefront, prepare them while you wait, tax preparation firm.) Since our beginning in 1991, we have grown from 8 clients to nearly 500 today, virtually all by word of mouth referrals, probably like yourself. Moreover, we have expanded our influence into 25 states and several foreign countries. We understand home-based businesses and their unique tax deductions because we are one. So if you operate a home-based business, we know how to prepare your tax return. And if you operate a particular cosmetics sales and management business, we know how to prepare your business’ tax return probably better than anyone else in the country – because we make it our business to know that business. Jeff The Tax Man contends that there is not another single tax preparer in the country who prepares as many of these type of returns as he does, and that he prepares approximately 50-100 times as many of these type of returns as most preparers. That’s why we have saved thousands of people literally millions of dollars in tax and how we will help you “Pay YOURSELF, not the IRS. “You may ask if our expertise is worth the money you would pay us to prepare your tax return? Click on “Testimonials” to see where Jeff The Tax Man’s expertise got one National Sales Director over $20,000 more on the same federal and state tax returns than her previous CPA. Moreover, you may ask if having us prepare your tax return is worth the projected wait. Well one client on our “Testimonials” page wished they had not paid their former tax preparer his fee, only to have to pay us to prepare it all over again in order to find them an ADDITIONAL $6,964 IN TAX SAVINGS. The moral: pay us to do it right (and thus get you the most tax savings) the first time!

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